Felipe ‘Pepe’ Lucero (May 1, 1942 – 2010) – The Master of Cebu Vintage Bicycle Club, a “Living Legend” and perhaps the oldest among CVBC’s bicycle alumnos you see around downtown/uptown Cebu riding with his boneshaker. He is loyal to his Schwinn Challenger 1947 inherited from his father in 1950.

Bernan Aves – Godfather of the clubbe, he owns a couple of vintage bicycles, mostly Columbia’s and Schwinn’s approximately around 16 of ’em all.

Nanding Bustamante – our “Sargent – at – Arms” – got different vintage bicycles a Schwinn, a Challenger, a Ladies and a gun (a plastic one, no worries!!!)…He works at the Casino for the meantime to sustain his vintage needs.

Jani Navaja – Frontman/Griller, self employed engineer for what was, for a while there, the best “Lechon” on the planet in Salvador St, Janilo Navaja of ‘Boy’s Lechon’ or better known as Jani retreated into semi-seclusion for years in the 1990s, verbally working — and working, and working — on the long-delayed Schwinn Challenger named ‘Ape’ project that he hoped would cement his reputation as ‘King of Vintage Bicycle’ in Salvador area who had to be reckoned with. (We hope so.)…He owns a Monark Silver King ‘Super Deluxe’ between 1946 – 1950, a Rollfast (been sold to a caucasian last saturday 0ct 9, 2010), a couple of Schwinn cruisers (Challenger), a Trophy vintage cruiser, a JC Penny and a rare Japanese 5 speed cruiser called Yonka, a Bayside MTB, a Look road bike…to be continued.

Eijoo Bwoi Canin – Phenomenally talented, occasionally controversial, and rarely seen in public, the former Pirates Rebel Scout, A Neo Meditation mouthpiece/singer/songwriter…is an aesthete one-of-a-kind/out-of-the-box integral force. Unfortunately, his output is also incredibly spotty, both in frequency and quality; but there’s no denying his influence or the fascination he still generates in literally jillions of art/music suckers. Don’t take our word for it. Do your research. He owns a purebreed/fullbloodied Bridgestone. By the way, he owns your vintage bicycle too, and don’t need any of your approval whatsoever!!!≋(((๏¿๏)))≋‏

Mark ‘Straycat’ Pura – Architect and Running buff of the world, Mark Pura owns a Miyata Cruiser bike named “MEANACE” or ‘Mean’ (whichever) & a 20″ folding bike from Giant. He drafts and sketches in his spare time.

Dave Valle – He fancies & owns a Dahon Folding bike, a DUCK ladies beach cruiser and an old Schwinn, and a couple of folding bikes like Dahon “Joure” and more…

Jonathan Suico – hails from Lilo-an, Cebu owns a Miyata cruiser bike named WANDA (purchased from Dave Valle) & an old japanese road bike, a “Mama-chari” if you will.

 Rey Osal – Owns a Schwinn Comet…have 6 or 7 unknowned brands of bicycle, though some are vintage and some folding type bikes.

Christian Bidos – the club’s chief mechanic/tech owns a Schwinn Phantom, Schwinn collegiate, a custom lowrider, etc.

 Jerry Lim – uptowner cum prowler, habitual biker Jerry Lim of Ramos St. cor Arlington Pond St. has an ultra rare Colson bicycle, read: ‘COLSON’, 20″ Challenger cruiser bicycle and a Bridgestone monocoque. He couldn’t ask for more.

 Marion Makabenta – Airosoft/Airbrush genius and more Air for his aircompressor, squire of Cebu action bang bang boom, and battler against long odds…from Talisay Cebu…A hobbiest by heart and an army (airsoft division) by day…5 vintage bicycles under his position and under restoration. His prized vint? A superb Schwinn Black Phantom all the way from the states. Tasty!!!

 Jay Pontino – from Mandaue Cebu…He rides his dad’s vintage bike, prowling/cruising on weekends in Mandaue along with his cousins and friends..recently, it’s his bike now…Ehe. Their establishment, a repaint/restoration company is ready for business. Please come in, the store is open. His Firestone bicycle is on fire, blaze on 😉


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  1. Hey thanks for following my blog – hopefully I can keep adding a few Vintage posts to my general cycling activities.

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