.::Audio To Ride By

..::Music To Ride By::..
Melts in your ear not in your rubber tire!

Music gives a soul to the universe,
Wings to the mind,
Flight to the imagination,
and life to everything.


We believe your bicycle should be an extension of your life. Your bicycle should be live music, it should be art, it should be epic, it should be dawn patrol and late night adventures. Cebu Vintage Bicycle Club are you, your mobile canvas – and oh yeah, they’ll get you there too. Keep your eyes on the road!!!

This page here are for your sweet spot “tsubos”. Audio to Rive By while “making love” (that’s riding your bike folks!) and putting “fun between your legs” (that’s ridin’ your bike again folks!). Music to psyche & pump up your adrenaline rush, pimp it up…If the music below doesn’t move you, check your Pulse bwoi Eh ●! ●,

cvbc spins                                                                                       DJ Jesus died for your spins.

In heavy rotation and in no particular order:

※ A. S. Kang — Terian Gulabi Buliyan
※ Amaro Suno — Kutka Avel e Sej Bari
※ Andy Palaco & the Garifuna Collective — Áfayahádina (I Have Traveled)
※ Bally Sagoo — Noorie
※ Balkan Beat Box — 9/4 the ladies
※ Brigitte Bardot — Un Jour Comme un Autre
※ Buena Vista Social Club — “Buena Vista Social Club”
※Cheb I Sabbah — “La Kahena”
※ Devotchka — Til The End Of Time
※ DJ Krush — “Jaku”
※ Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Alih Khan — “Dub Qawwali”
※ Ghulam Ali — Hangama Hai Kyon Barpa
※ Glykeria — Tik Tik Tak
※ Global Rhythms — any volume/compilation
※ Konono No.1
※ Lhasa — Los Peces
※ Loch Lomond
※Lovage — “Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By”
※ Manu Chao — Bongo Bong
※ Mast — The Voice
※Mokhtar — Allo
※ Musicians Of The Nile — The Tall Palm Tree
※ Mychael Danna — Fuse Box [AlexKid’s Dub Remix]
※ Omar Faruk Tekbilek — “Alif Love Supreme”
※ Rachid Taha — El H’Mame
※ Rafael Coides — Cumbia En Do Menor
※ Rhythm of Rajasthan
※ Scott Weiland —Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down
※ Susana Baca — Zamba Malato’
※ Tabla Beat Science — “Live in San Francisco”
※ Taj Mahal — “Sacred Island”
※ The Skatalites — Occupation
※ Tinariwen — Amassakoul ‘N’ Tenere
※ Ujang Suryana — Kang Mandor
※ Zainidin Imanaliev

and a whole lot more. Stay tuned and keep touch!!



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